Steve Sanfilippo, Owner of Sanfilippo Baseball, has been serving the North Shore area with top baseball instruction.  Steve Sanfilippo and partner Ben Long have taken baseball instruction to the next level.  Located in Mequon on the corner of Donges Bay Rd. and Port Washington Rd, the state-of-the-art facility includes two weight rooms, full-size basketball court, two tandem baseball cages, and enough turf for all your individual and team training.  Sanfilippo Baseball has instructed over 15 travel teams with practice instruction, hitting camps, defensive camps and the mental approach to the game.


Thank you for your support of Sanfilippo Baseball.  Since 2005, your support has led me to open up a one of a kind indoor facility. It has always been my goal to provide top baseball/softball instruction to help grow individual players along with your traveling teams. I really appreciate all the support and dedication over the years, as I continue to pride myself and my business with offering high level baseball/softball instruction while bringing enthusiasm and excitement for the game. I am excited to grow as a baseball community and look forward to educating all age groups the importance of respecting the game as it brings life lessons and unforgettable memories.